Dead Trees: Why Is It a Big Deal?

The problem of dead trees is more than the aesthetic reasons, but more significantly, on the risk that they can possibly cause to the human lives and your property. There are several reasons why you should never delay and rethink the idea of having your dead tree removed. Here are some of them that you must bear in mind:

Dead trees can be a major hazard

Apart from the possibility of falling dead branches, you also have to be alerted with the whole tree that ultimately topples over. Dead trees can entirely fall to the ground or anything near it and it can also compromise the ground. Once a dead tree is within close proximity to your roads, buildings, or power lines, it could lead to a disaster by the time it falls over. Because of this, we highly recommend you to have your dead trees eliminated before something bad occurs to you, your family, and your property.

Falling dead branches

If you have a dead tree, it will have dead branches, which can possibly fall off anytime. This is hazardous since it can cause damage to your property and injury to pedestrians and the people below.

Attracts pests or insects

Not only dead trees can infect healthy trees with diseases, but they can attract a swarm of detrimental pests and insects as well. Usually, termites and rates use dead trees to be their shelter, and later on, they’ll gradually invade your house also.

Insects or disease can spread from one tree to another

The disease is one of the major culprits for a dead tree. Once you have a diseased tree, the entire trees that surround it are also at risk of being infected as well. Diseases can instantly spread among trees and this can cause the trees on your yard to be dead as well.

Ways to know whether a dead tree must be removed:

When it can be beneficial to other trees close to it. Will tree removal help trees that surround it? If yes is the answer to this, then eliminate it no matter what.

Close to dangerous situations. For safety purposes, a dead tree close to a fixed structure or power lines needs to be eliminated right away. Make sure to use Stump Grinding Cincinnati service to make sure that the tree removal is greatly done.

Remove the tree when it’s 50 percent damaged. In this case, trees may be over recovery. Hence, removing it would be your best option.

Leave it along when it’s in a remote place since dead trees in such areas can serve as a shelter to various wildlife.

What must you do when you have a dead tree?

When you are sure that your tree should be removed, reach out to your local tree removal service provider right away to complete this job for you. A reputable tree company will have a skilled arborist that can help you determine whether your tree can still be improved or needs to be removed.